Joomla online dating component dating permission form

The only requirement to this website part is simplicity and functionality.

Forget about fly-out menus, drop-down parts and a mass of sub-pages. It is not the absence of colors, nor is it the absence of content.

If it is an advertisement, it must be on a sidebar, as well as a search box.

If it a call-to-action button, it must be in the most visible place. The key word is ‘looking’, so you have to create maximum favorable conditions for it.

You should compare them and find out the reason why the first gained success and the last failed.

It is the right portion of content and design items that make a website user-friendly. Such a theme should have clear content arrangement with everything being structured and well-defined.

Free websites are loved by users the most, but it can be a trick: serious users may rather choose a paid website treating it as a more trustworthy one.

A good plan is to make a website available for free with basic functions, plus build a premium version where users can have more for extra payment.

There should be a clear form to become a member, a quick button to find people, a simple toolbar to go to the chat, galleries, videos, payment page, etc.

The position of the menu bar is optional, so you can place it at the top, or on any side.

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