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But their efforts were not in vain: the boys' exploits and eventual imprisonment helped spark a full-blown Danish resistance.Interweaving his own narrative with the recollections of Knud himself, here is Phillip Hoose's inspiring story of these young war heroes.It is controlled and decreed by G-d." -Rabbi Meir Kahane "Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions.Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great." -Mark Twain "The only real laughter comes from despair." -Groucho Marx "The Jew who makes his body bend to his will is a man who has no chains on his arms.His face and body were also covered with disturbing words and pictures.“He was drawn on with images of hate speech.” Perez said.

As a Dane, the teenaged Pedersen was perturbed that his government had caved so easily to the Nazis demands, agreeing to cooperate with the Nazi soldiers in exchange for relative safety.

The Jew who hears the cry of fellow Jews and casts off from himself the vanities and nonsense of money and sterile status ... He is the embodiment of eternity." - Leo Tolstoy "It is certain that the Jew, if he desired-or if they were driven to it, as the antisemites seem to wish-could now have the ascendancy, nay, literally the supremacy, over Europe; that they are not working or planning for that end is equally sure... Hunt them down and, more important, mercilessly punish those states and groups that fund, arm, support, or simply allow their territories to be used by the terrorists with impunity.....

and leaps into the waters of duty – this is a man who has come out of Egypt." -Rabbi Meir Kahane "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." -Einstein "If a Jew doesn't make Kiddush (to sanctify himself by maintaining a distinctly Jewish lifestyle), then the non-Jew will make Havdalah for him (by making the Jew realize he is truly different)." - R' Chaim of Volozhin "What is the Jew? What kind of unique creature is this whom all the rulers of all the nations of the world have disgraced and crushed and expelled and destroyed; persecuted, burned and drowned, and who, despite their anger and their fury, continues to live and to flourish. He is the one who for so long had guarded the prophetic message and transmitted it to all mankind. The resourcefulness of the modern Jews, both in mind and soul, is extraordinary..." -Nietzsche "One of the great problems with Americans is that - being a decent people - they assume that everyone else is equally decent." -Rabbi Meir Kahane "It's discourging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit." -Sir Noël Coward "For so long as the Jew has even one ally, he will be convinced - in his smallness of mind - that his salvation came from that ally. No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place." -Rabbi Meir Kahane Zt'l (KRQE) - Three Farmington men are accused of etching and burning swastika symbols into a mentally challenged man's skin and head.

It's a very savage kind of humor, it comes out of a great deal of pain." -Martin Scorsese "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." -Einstein "If all anti-Semitism could be made, by magic, to disappear, the American Jew would still face a problem of survival.

The disease of assimilation and alienation of Jewish youth from its heritage and people is often spoken about, but its full gravity and danger are not comprehended by most of us.

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